The Body Shop White Musk Body Lotion 250ML


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We know you love a good spritz of our iconic White Musk scent. Now imagine if you could have that same indulgent scent all over your body AND have it leave your skin feeling silky-soft. Sounds like a dream,

Say hello to our White Musk Body Lotion, your silky saviour from dry, non-floral scented skin.

Formulated with our cruelty-free musk, this delicate all-over body moisturiser seduces your nose with a fresh mix of rose, jasmine, warm spice and amber notes, created to refresh the senses, calm the mind and conjure up feelings of sweet sweet nostalgia.

  • A fresh and beautifully fragrant Body Lotion
  • Leaves your skin feeling soft and scented with our iconic White Musk scent
  • Made with cruelty-free musk


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