Sparkle Toothpaste Lemon Soda 100G


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The tiny molecules contained in Double White Silica will help whiten teeth even better. It also helps safely remove plaque without damaging your natural tooth enamel.

  • Nano Vitamin C nurtures the foundation of our gums so we can maintain our oral health, protecting our gums against bacteria, which is the cause of bad breath.
  • Xylitol reduces the risk of bacteria in our oral cavity which will prevent bad breath and cavities
  • Calcium strengthens and coats our teeth to maintain sturdiness
  • Lemon soda adds a healthy, cooling effect, making us feel a citrus freshness.

It\’s perfect for anyone striving to achieve the radiant smiles enjoyed by celebrities, TV talk show hosts.

It will give us the self-confidence of fresh breath and rid us of oral health problems.


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