Nivea Protect Moisture Sun Spray SPF30 High 200ML


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NIVEA SUN Protect Moisture SPF30 Sun Spray provides you with highly effective UVA & UVB protection that immediately protects you against sunburn and premature skin ageing alongside providing skin moisture for 48H.

The caring sun lotion spray is water-resistant and works in balance with the skin\’s microbiome, which is a natural layer of bacteria acting as the skin\’s natural defence system.

Before sun exposure, apply sunscreen generously and reapply frequently, especially after swimming, perspiring and drying. Even when protected avoid over-exposure to the sun as it\’s a serious health threat.

The skin compatibility of this sunscreen has been dermatologically proven.

NIVEA Sun cares for your skin and the planet: the new and improved formula is biodegradable and respects the ocean by being free from UV filters Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Octocrylene and free of microplastic.

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Usage Instructions:

  • Apply generously before sun exposure, enough to give a visible layer before rubbing in. Allow lotion to absorb completely. Reapply to ensure adequate coverage and no missed areas before going outside.
  • Reapply frequently especially after swimming, perspiring, and drying
  • Avoid over-exposure even when protected as it is a serious health threat.

Product Benefits:

  • Immediately protects against sunburn and premature skin ageing
  • Highly effective UVA and UVB protection
  • Provides 48H skin moisture
  • Quick absorption Sunscreen
  • Readily biodegradable and water-resistant formula


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