Mia Makeup Shapes Volume Waterproof Eyebrows Mascara 05 Auburn 4.5g

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Brand: Mia

Shape & Volume Eyebrow Mascara — an eyebrow mascara with a light formula enriched with durable pigments.

It evenly colors each hair, enriching the brows with color, visually making them thicker, and correcting imperfections.

This decorative product applies easily, spreads well, and lays down in the thinnest, weightless, even layer.

The convenient brush ensures comfortable application.

Using this beauty product from Mia Makeup, shaping your brows will take minimal time and effort.

It helps to quickly and simply adjust the shape and symmetry of the brows, neatly defining their contours.

Additionally, it can fill in “gaps” in the hairs with color, adding strokes along their growth line, which visually adds thickness.

The same mascara can be applied along the hairline in the temples for a similar effect.

Key Features of Mia Makeup Shape & Volume Eyebrow Mascara:

  • Designed for the visual correction of the color and shape of the eyebrows;
  • Helps achieve makeup that allows the brows to look flawless throughout the day;
  • Available in a palette of several shades for different complexions;
  • Contains active components that provide comprehensive care for the hairs.
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