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Brand: Mia

Eyeshadow palette for a professional eye makeup signed Mia Makeup, composed by 9 matt and shimmer eyeshadows, in compact powder.

The special 3D formula of the eyeshadows is particularly velvety to the touch, ultra-pigmented for an unprecedented writing for intense and opaque colour at the first application.

The eyeshadow powder fixes on the eyelid without fallout effect keeping for a long time the colour and shade you want.

The texture is unique, smooth, ultra-writing, easy to blend; a colour harmony that allows you to superimpose and mix eye shadow colours to create sophisticated natural daytime or intense evening looks.

The palette is composed mainly of peachy tones of varying levels that are highly adjustable in intensity, for an always refined makeup that suits everyone.

The colour of the eyeshadows, can be used very shaded for a delicate and sophisticated result, or applied full for an intense eye makeup.

To give the makeup a metallic 3D reflection and emphasize the look, apply light shimmer shades to the centre of the eyelid.

To increase the adherence of eye shadow pigments to the eye and the durability of the makeup, always use Step 1 Eye Primer prior to eyeshadow application.

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Mia Makeup Glam Eyeshadow Palette Hot Smokey