Lotus Herbals White Glow 3 in 1 Deep Cleansing Skin Whitening Facial Foam 100g


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Exposure to harmful sunrays and pollution damages your skin to a great extent.

Get a fairer looking skin with this Lotus herbal facewash.

Packing all natural goodness, this chemical-free face wash does not contain any bleaching agents, making it a great choice for sensitive skin types.

Wash away everyday dirt and dust particles that settle down on the skin pores effectively with this Lotus herbal facewash.

It removed impurities and sebum, leaving your face clean and helps keep it acne and blemish free.

Enriched with nourishing minerals and milk enzymes, this skin whitening facial foam not only cleanses skin, but also makes it smooth and soft.

Dead cells often make your skin lifeless. With deep cleansing action, this lightening facewash removes dead cells and makes for a glowing skin.

It has a unique formula that prevents melanin formation and helps you get a fairer looking skin.

Apply it on wet face and massage with your fingertips before rinsing it off. Pat dry to feel the different instantly.

For better results, use it twice daily.


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