Kamasutra Aloe with Vitamin E


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Kamasutra Aloe with Vitamin E lubes are water-based flavoured lubricants from the brand Kamasutra condoms, or more famously known as KS condoms.

Kamasutra flavoured lubricants come in 2 unique flavours; Strawberry and Aloe.

Kamasutra Aloe with Vitamin E lubricant can be used a personal lubricant.

The composition of this Kamasutra aloe lube contains Vitamin E.

Vitamin E creates a really soft, smooth and silky sensation for the partners.

Kamasutra Aloe and Vitamin E lubes are mainly used by couples to tackle the problem of dryness in their bodies.

Kamasutra Aloe and Vitamin E lubricants allow partners to explore more into the sensual feelings and enhance their overall sexual experience.

Kamasutra lubes also create a silky smooth feeling, which reduces the overall friction, and allowing them to feel it even more.


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