Garnier Skin Naturals Wrinkle Lift Anti Ageing Cream 40ML


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Garnier brings you an exquisite range of skin care products which can leave you with a healthy glow after prolonged use.

This Garnier skin naturals wrinkle lift anti aging cream can rejuvenate your ageing skin and add a youthful look to your appearance.

This Garnier cream can be your every day solution if you want to get rid of the different signs of aging which includes wrinkles, fine lines, skin dryness and loss of skin firmness.

Enriched with extracts from natural ingredients like ginger, bilberries and cherries, this skin care product can enliven your skin and bring back the healthy shine you have always desired.

Ginger consists of 40 antioxidant compounds which prevents ageing, removes toxins and stimulates blood circulation of the skin.

Being an active ingredient of this anti aging cream, it can enhance the elasticity of your skin and help to maintain your youthfulness.


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