Garnier body Cocoon moisturiser Lotion 400ML


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Brand: Garnier

Garnier body moisturiser has a fruity fragrance which relaxes a person mind and makes them feel refreshed as they carry out their day. The scent of this lotion is long-lasting, and is easy-to-apply as it gets absorbed quickly by the skin. The nutritive fruit oils in the product nourish dry skin. This product comes in an orange-coloured bottle with a tight lid on it, and can easily be carried around from place to place. The nourishing cold cream that comes free with the package works for an entire day, and protects skin against dryness. This product comes in a green bottle and has a pleasant fragrance to it. It has a non-greasy texture, and can be easily spread across the face. It is best used during the time of winter. The Garnier Body Cocoon should only be used on the body. This can be used everyday for lasting and consistent smooth skin texture. The nourishing cold cream by Garnier can be used twice daily on the entire face. Users need to make sure that they wash the face completely before using it, and should avoid applying it in the area surrounding the eye.

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