EucaPro Eucalyptus Soothing Baby Gel 50g


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Apply sparingly onto the chest of young children and rub gently for relaxing, soothing and calming sensation.

Relief of colds – Stuffy blocked nose, May reduce the severity of cold, For the relief of mucus congestion.

Eucapro Baby Gel is suitable for young children (3 months to 5 years) and all the family.

When applying Eucapro Baby Gel to children under 2 years old, it is advisable that the normal precaution is taken by applying Eucapro Baby Gel onto the clothes or pillows in preference to directly onto very young or highly sensitive skin, unless on the advice of a healthcare professional.

Gently massage Eucapro Baby Gel to throat, chest and around the nose to help clear nasal passages.

By applying before sleep will help to keep nasal passages clear and to ensure breathing is freer and sleep is more restful.


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