Droplet Personal Lancets 28G


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Personal lancets

are disposable needles in a plastic case that are necessary for the daily measurement of sugar by people with diabetes. Pricking fingers is an integral part of self-monitoring of blood glucose and is a part of everyday life for millions of people with diabetes. Gentle finger pricking, followed by the transfer of blood drops to the test strip, allows blood glucose to be tested in a few seconds. This allows patients to recognize the symptoms of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia and to prevent chronic complications of diabetes. Comfort:

  • The electropolished, silicon-coated needle ensures gentle puncture, reducing patient discomfort.
  • The triple needle tip provides exceptional sharpness and a suitable blood sample.


  • Droplet lancets are sterilized by gamma radiation.
  • Needles are protected by a protective cap.
  • All personal lancets are disposable to prevent infection.


Droplet Lancets are designed for use with Droplet lancing devices. The Droplet lancet casing is versatile and can be used with the most popular lancing devices available on the market. Recommended for patients with different skin types.

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