Dr Teals Kids Sleep Balm with Melatonin Essential Oil 75g


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We\’ve selected this unique body balm to gently rub into your pulse points before bed so you can feel calm and sleepy right when you need it.

Melatonin works to help promote a better night\’s sleep, making it a key ingredient in our Sleep Body Balm.

We combine this with calming lavender and chamomile for an essential oil blend that is sure to reduce stress and encourage relaxation.

This is the perfect way to end the day and move on to sleep.

  • Helps promote a more restful night\’s sleep
  • Calm your mind with a curated essential oil blend
  • Relax your body and mind to prepare for deep sleep
  • Lavender and chamomile reduce stress and promote relaxation
  • Works effectively when applied to pulse points before bedtime
  • After applying, breathe deeply to calm your body and mind


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