Dr. Rashel Vitamin C Brightening Anti Aging Makeup Fixer 160ML


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An anti-pollution setting spray that keeps makeup looking fresh and set while leaving skin hydrated and shine free for up to 24 hours

Multiple Effects

  • Makeup prerequisites brighten, improve skin hydration, shape after makeup, reduce powder marks
  • Moisturizes and brightens the skin and continues to replenish the skin with a lot of moisture
  • Use a makeup spray to effectively balance the skin’s water and oil, making the skin’s makeup more fit
  • Vitamin C resists oxidation, prevents melanin formation, promotes collagen production, activates demages skin cells, brightens and brightens
  • It makes skin soft and smooth, reduces wrinkles, increase elasticity and prevents aging
  • The makeup water spray forms a protective films on the surface of the skin, resists sweat, does not fear friction, and makes the makeup lasting and hydrated


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