Dove Shower Gel Coconut Milk and Jasmine Petals 400ML


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This Dove Body Wash Is Moisturizing, Mild And Helps Your Skin To Maintain Its Natural Moisture As You Wash, Leaving You With Softer, Smoother Skin. Purely Pampering Helps Treat Yourself And Your Skin Every Day. For Best Results, Simply Squeeze Onto A Shower Pouf Or Hands And Enjoy The Calming Fragrance And Rich Lather Of This Moisturizing Body Wash Before Rinsing Away With Warm Water. Use This Dove Body Wash Daily To Experience A Moment Of Pampering Every Day. A Blend Of 100% Natural Moisturizers Called Lipids, Which Your Skin Naturally Needs. Unlike The Heavy Moisturizers In Some Body Washes That Just Sit On The Surface Of Your Skin, Dove Purely Pampering Coconut Milk With Jasmin Petals Body Wash Absorbs Completely. The Creamy Lather Then Rinses Clean To Leave You With Smooth Skin And No Soapy Residue.

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