Deluce Anti Hair Fall and Hair Growth Mustard Shampoo 300ML


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Infused with natural benefits of Clove & Mustard to help reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

To help reduce this issue, we have come up with a perfect solution.

Clove being high in antioxidants and nutrients helps to reduce hair fall and respectively stimulates hair growth.

A cleansing Shampoo infused with the herbal benefits of Clove & Mustard.

High anti-oxidant level in Clove stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall.

Vitamin E & Omega-3 in Mustard adds thickness to your hair making it irresistible to break.

Strengthens the hair follicles to reduce hair fall.

Rich in essential nutrients promotes hair growth and also adds shine to it.

Apply a small quantity on wet hair according to your hair length. Massage gently all over from the scalp to the tips of your hair.


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