Cruset Hair Colour Cream A905 Grey 60ML


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Cruset Hair Colour Cream with nourishing protein extract, vitamin C and collagen. Give the prominent brilliant colour 19 shades. Easily absorbed through hair fiber, provides long lasting colour with soft touch and radiant shine, completely cover grey hair with natural looking colour without stressing yours. Before Using :

  • Please read the instruction before using so that you acheive the best color result
  • Wear plastic gloves and a cape to avoid any stains long and thick hair may require 2-3 packs to apply for the first time
  • Wait for three weeks after perming highlighting or bleaching or bleaching before coloring
  • Before coloring hair should be clean and dry
  • Lighter hair color always takes color better whilst dark hair need bleaching first
  • Take an allergy test 24 hours before using
  • Avoid using conditioner or oil coloring

How to use :

  • Mix color cream and developer (ratio 1:1) together.
  • Using a brush spread the mixture throughout the entire hair and leave for 20-30 minutes or until you get your desire shade.
  • Rinse off your hair gently with clean water.
  • In case of you current hair color is dark shade, suggest bleaching hair before dye application to achieve intensely bright color or fashionable color are as follows in hair color chat.
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