Acnevit Anti Acne Serum 30ML


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Therapeutic serum that prevents the formation of pimples, acne treatment (inflamed and inflamed pimples) and the widening of the pores of the skin from the secretions of sebaceous glands and their luster and treats blackheads

it has an antioxidant that helps lighten brown and red spots â€\” soothes the skin and prevents its breathing or irritation and improves Skin texture and helps to purify it.

BPA-free â€\” does not clog the skin pores â€\” tested for treatment and safety standards for the skin.

Contains vitamin C, which works as an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

It contains Vitamin B3 and a natural herbal extract that helps to speed up tissue building and skin healing.

It contains grape seed extract, fruit peelers and some vitamins and Vit E


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